N80597.700 - NEXUS VALVE VERTEX - DN15 1/2" (F/F) No Drain, Kvs=1.71

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Nexus Valve Vertex is a variable orifice double regulating valve for balancing water-based heating and cooling systems. 

The balancing performed ensures the required distribution of flow in individual risers and terminal units. 

Applications are typically central heating or cooling systems, as well as fan coil units in multi-storey and high-rise buildings.

Nexus Valve Vertex is available in valves DN 10 to DN 50, manufactured in dezincification resistant brass (DZR). 

For valve sizes DN 65 - 600 the Nexus Valve Fluctus valve range is recommended.

Nexus Valve Vertex can optionally be provided with a drain valve. 

Apart from system draining, the drain valve can also be used to connect a capillary tube from the Nexus Valve Passim differential pressure control valve. 

The Nexus Valve Passim and Nexus Valve Vertex valves are in combination used for differential pressure control and maximum flow limiting.

The Flamco Flexcon Calculation tool enables you to size and configure your pressurisation unit and all accessories you need for safe and problem free pressurisation of heating systems, cooling systems, water heating installations or pressure boosting sets.
View the tool here: https://source-to-emitter.com/


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Product Data

Valve Data
Code Description Nominal Size Kvs Value (m3/h) Flow Range (l/h)
N80597.700 NEXUS VALVE VERTEX - DN15 1/2" (F/F) No Drain, Kvs=1.71 1/2" 1.71 19-530
N80597.699 NEXUS VALVE VERTEX - DN10 3/8" (F/F) No Drain, Kvs=0.67 3/8" 0.67 11-270
N80597.701 NEXUS VALVE VERTEX - DN20 3/4" (F/F) No Drain, Kvs=4.40 3/4" 4.40 55-1170
N80597.702 NEXUS VALVE VERTEX - DN25 1" (F/F) No Drain, Kvs=7.46 1" 7.46 84-2170
N80597.703 NEXUS VALVE VERTEX - DN32 1 1/4" (F/F) No Drain, Kvs=13.5 1 1/4" 13.5 310-4500
N80597.704 NEXUS VALVE VERTEX - DN40 1 1/2" (F/F) No Drain, Kvs=23.7 1 1/2" 23.7 450-6670
N80597.705 NEXUS VALVE VERTEX - DN50 2" (F/F) No Drain, Kvs=34.5 2" 34.5 960-12640

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